This is why i really love the 5sos fam


5 Seconds of Summer leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood - July 24, 2014

u know they’re famous when stalker sarah is in their dicks

“We worry like Mothers”

Ashton Irwin talking about the fans  (via 5sospenises)

the boys outside iheartradio 7.21.14 

Taylor Swift out and about in NYC on July 24th.

luke’s towel is the biggest cockblock known to man and I’m pissed off about it


when all your friends start talking about something you know nothing about



isaac lahey in every episode » 2.08

There are always going to be those artists who break through on an emotional level and end up in people’s lives forever. The way I see it, fans view music the way they view their relationships. Some music is just for fun, a passing fling (the ones they dance to at clubs and parties for a month while the song is a huge radio hit, that they will soon forget they ever danced to). Some songs and albums represent seasons of our lives, like relationships that we hold dear in our memories but had their time and place in the past.

However, some artists will be like finding “the one.” We will cherish every album they put out until they retire and we will play their music for our children and grandchildren. As an artist, this is the dream bond we hope to establish with our fans. I think the future still holds the possibility for this kind of bond, the one my father has with the Beach Boys and the one my mother has with Carly Simon.

5sos at Today Show 22.07

[HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer perform on the Today Show - July 22nd, 2014 

5 Seconds of Summer at Key 103 Summer Live in Manchester on July 17, 2014 (x)